How old should you be to start working out?

I used to run a few miles every day on the beach after my divorce.  It was only fair since our children were close to the both of us that we shared our daughters.

Even though, when it wasn’t my week with them, I missed my girls so much.  I would go into weird crying fits and not know what to do with myself.  I needed an outlet.

At the time, running became my one and only release.

One time, I ran so far I had to race the sun setting to get back to my car or risk being alone on the beach and in the dark.

It was then I realized that it was time to join a gym.

I remembered my first time walking into a gym and thinking OMG this is so cool and scary at the same time!

not the actual gym I joined. the one I joined had about 80 more cardio machines than what’s shown here.

I remember jumping on the treadmill for the first time.

I grabbed the handles, closed my eyes, and started to jog without a single worry that I would bump into someone or something.   It was great!

Then one day I noticed the elliptical machines in front of me. These machines made people look like they were gliding on air. I had to try them.

Once I gave the elliptical machines a try, it was game on! I would blast Missy Elliott in my headset and just elliptical my way to happy thoughts.

It didn’t take long before I’d become familiar with the employees and the regulars.

One of the regulars, we’ll call Sam, was an older gentleman, probably early 70’s, strong build, and flawless skin.  He looked like he was an islander of some sort with his tanned skin and long salt and pepper hair.

I remember one time he was on the elliptical machine next to me and I asked him what he did to keep so fit.

He told me that he lifted weights and did his cardio and he’d swim if he didn’t go surfing.

When he got off of his elliptical machine, he looked back at me and said, “Hey! You should give the weights a try!”


My only thought was, why the heck not?!


This guy was well over twice my age and yet he was so fit!

The next time I saw him, I was ready to get off of the elliptical and try something new.

The leg press machine was the first machine I ever got on.

Sam put on two 45 plates and told me to do 4 reps.  He said, “Just do that 3 times and you’ll probably be hurting tomorrow.” He left me to go finish his workout.

I could not wait to feel the burn.  I think I did 5 sets for good measure. lol!

I went home so excited that I got to explore in the area that intimidated me so much.

The next day there was no burn.  So I headed back for more.

I started reading up on moms that lifted.  I wondered if I was too old or out of shape to do what I wanted to do.

I knew that I didn’t want to develop a “man-core”, however, I did want the whole buns and legs of steel.

Soon I was walking into work feeling like my legs would pop if I bent them; and on upper body day, my arms would be so sore to even answer a phone call was so funny to me.   I couldn’t bring the handset to my ears without my arms hurting.  Oh yeah, I felt the burn.


It. was. awesome.

I was well after 30 years young when I got into resistance training and lifting.

I wish I started all of this well before I was 30. In my 20’s would’ve been ideal.

Because sarcopenia, which is a disease of aging that affects all of us begins to take place in our 30s, the ideal time to get physical is as a child.

Now, I don’t mean loading the squat rack and telling your 7-year-old to find out what his personal best is, but I mean, get physical! Run! Jump! Play tag! and all that other exciting kid stuff.

As for being too old to work out.

There is no such thing.  I meet well over 70 somethings doing their thing in the free weights area all the time!

For those who are not as able, go on the machines because that’s awesome too!

The machines in the gyms are muscle specific and if you’re just starting out or have any ailments, I’d suggest that you start with maybe 3 machines a day followed up by a low-intensity cardio machine of your choice.

The key is that you want to add resistance to your workouts.

When we add resistance to our workouts it causes our muscles and even our bones to work harder than it would normally.

The best way to keep young is to keep muscle on your body and to keep our bones and heart strong.

The best way to keep muscle on your body is to make sure you are adding some resistance to your movements!

So how old should you be to start working out?

You can start at ANY age!

Tip for anyone new to working out and don’t have access to a gym or fitness center? Harness your inner child, play some loud dance music and shake your bum, go for a walk, skip some rope, play tag with your kids, your dog, your spouse, rearrange your house and move some furniture around, garden… Just try to move your body at least 45 minutes every single day. Because what we don’t use, we end up losing.

Cheers to building and keeping our bodies strong!

I hope you found this useful 🙂

In good health, love, and light…

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