Do Squats Work?

“OMG, Girrrl! You gotta tell me how to build my booty, too!”

That statement is usually followed up with, “How many squats do I need to do?!!!”

When allowed to explain (because it is a tad lengthy), they soon learn it’s not actually a booty thing, it’s a whole body thing!


Not too shabby, eh? 4 babies naturally delivered and being well over 30… The proof is in the pudding… It can be done!


Since the dawn of man (and woman!), the curvaceous body of a female is the equivalent to the peacock with its distinguished colorful tail used to attract the opposite sex. These curvy femme Fatales are the show stoppers, the neck breakers, and probably the reason stunner shades exist. They are the depiction of Fertile Myrtle and why men would stop in their tracks like the cartoon wolfman whose eyes pop out, turn into hearts, and become smitten.


But let’s face the facts here. Women are loved in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most have learned to live with (and love) the body they were blessed with. Surprisingly still, and even with the rise in feminism and all the “love your body as is” movements, there’s been a developing trend for donning waist trainers and booty enhancing garments, as seen on different social media platforms.

So, what’s really going on here?

My only guess is that we have some women asking themselves, “Why can’t we have those curves, too?”


 This image was taken roughly six years ago and before I started lifting a little heavier.  Take note of the side angle to push out my hips and wanna be curves with crazy push-up bra. lol!

I can honestly say, I wasn’t very lucky in the genetic lottery of being born with a voluptuous hourglass figure.   Actually, according to research done in 2005 by North Carolina State University, neither were 92% of the 6,000 female body types that were scanned in the study. Amongst the tiny 8% of hourglass bodies scanned, the rest were either spoon-shaped, inverted triangle shaped, or rectangle shaped. Rectangle shaped bodies made the majority with a whopping near 50%!

Big named celebrities have made this full-bosomed body such a desirable trend that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Some women even wanted these curves “yesterday” so badly that they’re willing to go under the knife for it. Plastic surgery procedures like the Brazilian butt lift, dangerous butt injections, to the installation of actual booty implants are made to be the norm. (Just google!)



My only thought to all of this:

“Why don’t they just workout and build their bums?”

What those women probably don’t know is that the hind-quarters are part of the biggest group of muscles on our body. Unlike our girlfriends that rest on our chest and are made up of fatty tissue, a nice caboose could actually be built! For those of us who would rather not have something surgically injected, sliced, and implanted in our wazoo (but would still like a little rump shaker to call our own), then a good body building plan would be the answer.


Practically, the same pose with a built booty!


Yet, just as health, wellness, and fitness trends seem to be in their prime and people are doing more things “au‘ natural”, I noticed the need to still want it “Yesterday”.

“What about The Squat Challenge, Dana?!”

Squat challenges are my favorite. When done correctly, squats can call upon supporting muscles and become quite the full body exercise. There are several different bottom building challenges out there. These trials require the challenger to commit for a certain amount of days (mostly 30) to complete a certain round (no pun intended) of exercises. These exercises focus on helping the participant grow a firmer and perkier Booteous Maximus. Females are promised that if they participate in this challenge they’ll have the apple bottom of their dreams, IN JUST 30 DAYS!!!

Unfortunately, after a month, they are often discouraged to find out the challenge didn’t deliver the cakes it promised. And it’s back to the drawing board, as they say.

Still, squat challenges are my favorite.


The reason being is they introduce people to workouts they probably don’t normally already do! Like the article found on Infotainment News, “Squat Challenge for Women that Actually Work”. This article covers squat techniques with added variations to hit surrounding muscles. It’s a really great article as it shows its reader you aren’t limited to just basic squats to build that awesome keister!

However, I must give fair warning to all my readers and it simply is this:

It took you this long to look like “this”. Unfortunately, 30 days is not the equivalent needed to turn your buns into a badonkadonk.

There are also a few (but very important!) key factors to consider.

You will need to eat! (But not too much! But don’t starve yourself either!) The struggle is real when wanting to build a booty without your tummy following closely behind (I mean in front!).


Then you have to take into consideration of your current measurements. We’d have to revisit the whole body shape, hip to waist ratio, and how much fat and muscle we are actually dealing with to ensure the proper muscles are targeted correctly.

Finally, Muscle takes time to grow! The way muscles grow is that muscles are actually made during recovery and while you are asleep and not actually during any of the exercises. This would bring us into an entirely different article, so I’m just going to say that muscles take time to grow. Unfortunately, especially for women, just one month is not quite enough.

So how are great backsides made?

As I said earlier, a good “body building plan” would be the best answer.

However, squat challenges are a great entry level way to get started in the right direction to build those lovely lady lumps.

To squat or not to squat… I say squat, lunge, sumo squat, deadlift, and add some variants like heavy weights and change up the tempo; add some back extensions, some supermans, and throw in some high knees and jumping jacks… and always, always use correct form.

I hope this helps your booty building efforts 🙂

In good health, love, and light… 

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